To succeed in college recruiting, you must know how the system works

College coaches are busy and nothing is more valuable than their time. They work through a basic recruiting system that most recruits don’t understand. But below, you will see how it works and what you can do to take advantage.

Understanding the Recruiting Funnel


Ask any college coach and they will tell you that the recruiting season is year round and world wide. The competition is fierce.

So we interviewed, questioned and spoke with college coaches about recruiting. Then we put together a special in depth report on exactly how the process works. The report covers the steps they take and what they are looking for.

This report is for you, a high school basketball player with dreams of playing in college. When you finish this report you will:

  • Understand the preliminary recruiting process and why it is hard to be “seriously” recruited at the college level
  • See how the recruiting funnel is set up
  • Know what college coaches are doing at each step
  • Have better information on how you should approach each step of the process

By understanding the process, you will be able to create a game plan and give yourself the best chance of fulfilling your dream of playing college basketball.


Coach’s Quote  “When I get emails from HS kids without any tape it is a waste of their time and my time.”

Video plays a huge role in your recruitment. There are two types of videos you need: a highlight video and full game video. Done correctly they provide the coaches what they need. Done incorrectly and a college coach will be ready to move on to the next recruit.

Social Media

Coach’s Quote “I really like a kid who uses social media to promote his success, his team’s success, teammate’s success, etc…We don’t want the kids who take to social media when they can’t handle adversity.”

There is a saying among college coaches: social media has never gotten a kid a scholarship…but it has cost them one. When used correctly it is a valuable resource that players and coaches use on a daily basis.

Coaches Network

Coach’s Quote “As soon as you hear about a player you always call or text as many people that you know…to see what they say about him as a player and person.”

One of the most underestimated elements of college recruiting is the coaching network.  Every coach has one. The chances are good that if a college coach has called you, he has already contacted a dozen other people to ask about you.

Give yourself the best chance of playing in college

Get all the important details on how the Recruiting Funnel works. Our 16 page report includes the details you need. And it is completely free! We’d love to email you your copy.

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