This is fake. Totally unreal. This is a fake tournament. Having stated that, what if it was real?

What if the 5A and 4A state tournaments were combined?

The truth is every year you are going to hear from a smaller school “we could beat that bigger school”. And every year you know that there are some great small schools that could hang and even beat bigger schools.

So why not give them their shot? Or at least a chance for the bigger schools to say “I told you so”.

So this is an experiment combining the 4A and 5A state tournament bound schools for 2012. It’s a hypothetical. Something that will maybe never happen. But what if it did? Would you want to see it? And what about the 3A schools? 2A schools? The 1A Hickory’s of the world that know how to play ball and could hang with the big boys?

So let’s just consider this a first step toward the possibility of something better (or maybe just more fun). Sure, not everyone wins a trophy this way. But when you start letting everyone compete for a single title, doesn’t that title mean more?

View a .pdf of the 2012 Mythical 9A Idaho State Tournament