Here is a common question we get with regards to Montana teams vs. Idaho teams.

As you may have heard, in 2015 Select Basketball expanded to Montana to try and better serve high school basketball players in that region. There was a growing demand from players to play for Select, but thanks to the NCAA adjoining state rule, rosters were limited to just three out of state players.

So now that Select Basketball hosts teams from both Montana and Idaho, the question comes up: what is the difference between Idaho and Montana teams?

It starts with the home base for each team. We have headquarters in both Idaho (Garden City) and in Montana (Billings). But before a team’s home base is determined, we first put together a tentative roster of players that will be the most successful team and will be the most beneficial for players.

This is where things get a little tricky. Kind of like putting together a moving jigsaw puzzle.

While the ideal roster may have all the positions covered, there is the still the adjoining state rule to keep in mind. If four players are from Montana and four players are from Idaho, that is an eligibility problem. Now a choice has to be made on who to replace and from where. This will determine which home base is used.

However, though there are still some challenges, having a second state gives a lot more opportunities to players that would not normally get them. In the past, if more than three Montana players wanted to play, there was nothing we can do. Now, we can base the team out of Billings and add pieces around those players.

In the end, we are all a part of the same program. Whether you are on a team based out of Idaho or Montana or if you are from Washington or Wyoming, we are all Select!