If there is anything that we have learned over the last 20 years, it is knowing exactly what we are looking for in our players. With over 1,300 players coming through the Select program, we have dialed in our selection criteria for the type of player we want to work with.
Tryouts are coming up soon. So we thought it would be helpful to share the eight traits we look for if players want to make a Select team.
The truth is, this list is no different than what a college basketball team is looking for. This is not an accident. Our goal is to run a college level program that prepares players for what they can expect at the next level.

The Traits We Look For

He are the eight traits we look for in Select basketball players. It comes via Select’s Director of Player Development and Head Coach, Clint Hordemann.

Skill set

Being able to handle the ball, pass, shoot, defend, etc at a high level. These are skills that you develop on your own when no one is watching you. But they matter the most when everyone is watching you. Coachability is a big part of this. Can you listen to feedback and criticism of your weaknesses and turn them in to strengths?

Size and strength

This means maximizing your body through training so you can be athletic enough to compete against elite competition. We all develop at a different pace. If you are not yet big or strong, are you working to get there?


You are dedicated to the team, the game and the program plus you are willing to do whatever it takes to be elite. This means you will play whatever position the coach needs. You are willing to defend whomever your coach asks of you. Sacrificing your own time and needs for the team make you special.

Toughness/ grit

You are willing to sacrifice your body to get loose balls, set hard screens, take charges, etc. Will you do the small things that lead to wins? Toughness and grit are a measure of heart. If you don’t love the game, you won’t sacrifice for it.
Traits We Look For

Grit and Mental Toughness are two traits we look for in our players

Mental toughness

This means making the right play at all times. You are at your best when your best is needed. Staying focused is not a problem for you. You don’t get sped up when pressured and you execute plays on both ends of the court. You have the ability to play through your fatigue. No matter how tired your body is, you let your mind push you toward success.

Positive attitude

You are happy for your teammate’s successes, even if your own success is not acknowledged by others. You support and root for teammates on and off the court. You accept criticism and coaching as part of your development. You are socially genuine.


You control the heartbeats of your coaches and teammates because you are respected. You are willing to let people get to know you. You invest in your teammates, coaches and program. You absorb the experiences provided even when you are not on the court. You are willing to put your guard down to enjoy the opportunity to be around other players. You understand that body language is a big part of communication. You show a winning attitude in the way you carry yourself. Your attitude is genuine, not false swagger.


You lead both on and off the court. As a leader, you understand your job is to help coaches and teammates be the best players they can be. You believe that leaders create the right environment for the right behaviors to occur. You create great communication and encourage teammates to do great things.

Is this you?

Do you possess these traits? Are you ready to be a part of something special? Do you want to compete along side other players that also have these characteristics?
If so, let’s get you more involved in our program. Feel free to check out the website and answer questions. We host tryouts in the spring and summer for our teams. You may be the perfect player to attend.