During the summer, Select players are welcome to attend our Tuesday and Thursday workouts. If you are not able to attend, here is the work that we are doing. We highly encourage you to do some if not all of this work on your own. If you have questions, please let us know.

This workout was done around the scenario that players have a game later that day (though some of these guys did not). It was a simple but thorough progression through ball handling, shooting and competition. When players become comfortable with this warm up it takes about 45 minutes to complete followed with about 10 minutes of static stretching.

Pre-game workout

Two ball dribbling

  • Forward / backward simultaneous
  • Forward / backward alternating
  • Side step simultaneous
  • Side step alternating
  • Skipping push / pull simultaneous
  • Skipping push / pull alternating
  • 3 dribble retreat

Form shooting

  • At rim, 3 sets of 5 makes, one hand
  • Straight on – make 5 and step back (4 times) and make 5 step in (back to beginning)
  • At 15 feet, catch and step in – make 5 from 5 spots

Shooting with movement

  • Slide to rip and one dribble pull up – make or attempt 10 shots going left and 10 going right
  • Back and forth, corner to wing – make or attempt 5 shots on both sides of court


  • Series of 3 – 3 shots with 3 players. First player to 10 wins. Play from 3 different spots on the court and 3 different shot types. Integrate as needed to replicate shots in your offense
  • 70s – make 10 3-pointers from 7 spots with a free throw in between. Try to get it done in 100 shots or less.
  • Finish with 7 spots, make 2 out of 3. Make 2 and move on, miss 2 and move back

Post workout

Static stretching through all major muscle groups and joints. These include gluteal, quads, back and shoulders. Hold each position for about one minute. The stretches should feel like work but not going beyond what you are able to currently do. You are not trying to build flexibility. You are just cooling your muscles down so that you are not sore for your game.