During the summer, Select players are welcome to attend our Tuesday and Thursday workouts. If you are not able to attend, here is the work that we are doing. We highly encourage you to do some if not all of this work on your own. If you have questions, please let us know.

Today’s workout combined skill work with various competitive drills including 1 on 1 and 4 on 4. The last 30 minutes we worked on hip, ankle and shoulder mobility, did some shoulder, core and leg strength and finished with a Tabata session.

Skill Work

Rapid Shooting

In groups of three (you can make it work with two) one player does back and forth shooting. He will receive the pass from alternating rebounders. Take 10 shots and then rotate to the next player. Shots can be taken from various spots

Full Court Ball Handing with Finish

One player grabs a rebound, snaps a pass to the outlet, sprints down the sideline and then receives the past for a finish. The outlet player goes receives the ball going toward the rebounder, makes two change of direction moves and then hits the cutting player at the other end of the court.

Finishes can vary from layups, jump shots to kick backs.

Competitive Drills

One On One Domination

Ball is checked with a hard close out. Offense gets three dribbles to score, one shot only. Make it, take it. Keep track of points. Play to a set score or for a set amount of time.

4 on 4 Continuous

Check out the workout from June 13 to see how this drill is run.

Mobility, Technique, Strength and Anaerobic Work

Mobility and Technique

  • Hips
  • Shoulders
  • Handstand Practice


4 rounds (emphasis on building strength, not speed)

  • 30 second handstand hold
  • 10 jumping lunges
  • 30 second hollow body hold
  • Broad jumps to 3-point line and back

Anaerobic Work

Not in the video, but very important for basketball players, we did two Tabata sessions. The first was air squats. The second was push ups.

We did a very similar workout on June 6. To review, a Tabata is 8 rounds of max effort high intensity work that is structured with 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times.

Air Squats

  • High school players averaged 108 total reps, ranging from 88 to 132
  • Hodges Bailey – 163

Push Ups

  • High school players averaged 55 reps, ranging from 45-65
  • Hodges Bailey – 104

Hodges Bailey is a Select alum that came to today’s workout. Hodges is a freshman on the basketball team at The Masters University in California, a top NAIA program in the country. We wanted to include his results here to show you the type of production a college level player has.

This is no accident. The commitment to building your skill set, mindset and physical tools is an EVERYDAY thing! It continues today and does not end until you decide that you are done.

Any player can get there with a complete commitment to making it happen. Developing as a player is the best process because it is a choice that YOU get to make.

Will you wake up early and get in extra shots or will you sleep in? Will you run an extra set of lines or will you leave the gym with everyone else? Will you say no to the greasy cheeseburger and fries and have a sandwich instead?

There is no right answer. Everybody is different. Every day is different. But as a player, you know what you have to do to be elite (or you know a coach that can tell you). The question is, will you do it?